What are the benefits of having a Remote Monitored System?

Reduce unnecessary trips. Increase work flexibility and productivity
Save Time and Money
Faster Response Time - real time diagnostics and problem solving. Problem is clearly identified with Red / Black dots
24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even when you are not in the facility (anytime, anywhere)
A complete Data Capture Package - Documentation and Regulatory Compliance (data automatically stored and backed up - save time on manual labor).
Reduce Errors. Auditors and Regulators love documentation
Data stored in CSV format. Can be easily imported to MS Excel - available online
Support Multi User - all authorized users can login concurrently
Instant Remote Access - without looking, you can only guess! When a Maintenance Technician shows up, you can be confident that he has the right component! Saves trip charges and a lot of unnecessary frustrations!
With SMS / Email notifications, Maintenance Dept and Service Provider can be notified immediately

The chart shows the activity (motion) of each zone. If motion is detected, a pulse is created on the chart (indicated as "ON").

System Configuration (each zone can be individually turn ON or OFF). When the alarm is triggered, system will send SMS and E-mail to user or Operations Center / Management. Real-time Alert notifications.  


  Dot Indicators (Red - Alarm, Black - Normal). When the alarm is triggered, system will send SMS, E-mail to user or Operations Center / Management

Banking Hall Overview   

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